Flex FM and Eden Ibiza Unite to Ignite the Dance Music Scene!

May 18, 2023

Get ready to witness an extraordinary collaboration that will redefine the dance music landscape!

Eden Ibiza, known for its unwavering passion for electronic music has joined forces with the legendary Flex FM.radio station.

Together, they are poised to create a seismic shift in the dance music industry…

…bringing the essence of Ibiza to the airwaves of London and elevating London’s dance music artists to new heights.

Prepare for a summer season of unparalleled excitement, electrifying beats, and unforgettable experiences.

Eden Ibiza

Since its inception in 1999, Eden Ibiza has stood as a beacon of electronic music excellence.

Eden Ibiza has a legacy deeply rooted in providing a global platform for the finest UK dance music artists.

From breakthrough artists to established icons…

…Eden Ibiza has consistently showcased the best UK artists to an audience of international clubbers.

Flex FM

Established in 1992, this influential radio station has become a central hub for creative arts in London and beyond.

With a fervent dedication to electronic dance music, Flex FM embraces a myriad of genres, from UK Garage to Dubstep, Grime to Drum & Bass, and everything in between.

Their commitment to providing a platform for artists and nurturing talent has garnered them a devoted audience.

The Collaboration

The collaboration between Eden Ibiza and FlexFM has three main parts. Keep reading to find out more!

1) Flex FM Take Over Eden Ibiza’s Room 2

Room 2 at Eden Ibiza is undergoing a transformation to become the Flex FM room for the entire 2023 season.

Each week, a rotating lineup of talented Flex FM DJs will take control of the decks, infusing the space with their dynamic soundscapes.

With the fusion of Eden Ibiza’s world-class Void sound system and Flex FM DJ’s unrivalled musical selection…

…dance music enthusiasts can experience their favourite radio show on the dance floor in Ibiza for the first time.

The Flex FM room is set to become a “must visit” showroom for UK dance music fans, delivering unforgettable nights of pure musical ecstasy.

2) The Eden Show: A Gateway to Ibiza’s Finest

“The Eden Show” is set to revolutionise the airwaves.

Flex FM and Eden Ibiza are curating a groundbreaking program that brings the world’s biggest electronic artists directly to your speakers from Ibiza.

The project will bring together headline artists who have never collaborated before for a brand-new weekly radio show.

Tune in and enjoy these extraordinary talents as they deliver live performances from the hallowed grounds of Eden Ibiza.

From drum and bass to tech house and everything in between, prepare to be transported to the heart of the party.

“The Eden Show” promises to connect you with the world’s most influential electronic music artists…

…so that you can experience the magic of Ibiza every Friday night from midnight until 2am from the comfort of your own home.

3) Billie-Jean Blackett: Unlocking the Secrets of Eden Ibiza

Get ready to embark on an exclusive journey behind the scenes of Eden Ibiza.

Follow the enigmatic Flex FM DJ, Billie-Jean Blackett as she takes you on an adventure like no other.

With her infectious enthusiasm and insider access, Billie-Jean will capture exclusive interviews with headline DJ acts…

…and delve into the untold stories that lie beneath the surface.

Brace yourself for a glimpse into the world of Eden Ibiza as Billie-Jean uncovers the secrets, showcases the hidden gems, and provides unprecedented access to the inner workings of this global superclub.

From backstage interviews to behind-the-scenes footage, get ready to witness the magic of Eden Ibiza in a way that has never been shared before.

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The collaboration between Flex FM and Eden Ibiza is set to ignite the Ibiza and London dance music scene.

From the electrifying Flex FM room in Room 2 of Eden Ibiza to the groundbreaking “Eden Show” on Flex FM, and the captivating insights delivered by Billie-Jean Blackett, this partnership promises to be the talk of the season.

Don’t miss out on a single beat of this thrilling collaboration—follow @eden_ibiza on Instagram now.

You will gain access to exclusive interview footage with Billie-Jean, witness the Flex FM room in action, and be the first to discover the date of the inaugural Eden radio show on Flex FM.

Get ready to embark on a journey with Eden Ibiza and FlexFM.

Let the music and collaboration unite us all!

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