VIP tables can be booked directly from the party calendar page. Find the event at you want to attend and book your VIP table online by following the instructions.

If you have any specific VIP request or require additional support then make a request using the chat on this page. Leave a short message and a member of the Eden team will be in touch with you to confirm pricing & to complete your reservation.

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How do you pay for a VIP table?

Payment for VIP tables is in advance and through our website. Find the event that you want to attend, choose your table and book online.

What is the table layout in the VIP?

The VIP in Eden Ibiza is over two floors. You can book tables either side of the DJ booth, on the sides of the dance floor, at the back of the club and upstairs on the balcony.

Do you offer a VIP drink menu?

Yes, Eden Ibiza has a very wide variety of drinks for VIP guests. You will not be disappointed.

Do you offer food service in the VIP?

There is no food service in the VIP at Eden Ibiza.

What is included in a VIP table at Eden Ibiza?

Tickets are included for everyone on your table and the minimum spend for your table can be used towards drinks.

How do you book VIP tables?

VIP table booking is through our website. Choose the event that you would like to attend and select the table you would like to book from the table map.