Eden Ibiza Transforms into a Spooky Paradise

October 26, 2023

As the scorching Ibiza summer nights give way to a cooler breeze, Eden Ibiza is ready to welcome the winter season with open arms.

Known for its vibrant and energetic summer parties, the club undergoes a magical transformation as it transitions from seven nights a week to weekly events designed to cater to the locals and residents who call this island home during the off-season.

The club, while maintaining its spirit, is carefully reduced in capacity to offer an intimate and cozy ambiance for winter revellers.

Dance Floor Getting Busy – Halloween

This Saturday, October 28th, Eden Ibiza presents “Dance Floor Getting Busy – Halloween.”

The night will feature an electrifying lineup, including Ty Gill, Roberto, Emma Beswick (Surcosita), Parris Taylor, and Adyn.

It’s the Winter Season Opening party, where you can enjoy winter prices and winter vibes that’ll send shivers down your spine.

Buy advance tickets online.

Utopia Halloween Fetish Ball

On Sunday, October 29th, get ready for an extraordinary experience as Utopia and Zoo Movement make their grand comeback with the “Utopia Halloween Fetish Ball.”

This exceptional event features a stellar lineup, including Hector, Organism, Gaya Brisa, Defex, and Maricha.

The Utopia Fetish Ball is not your typical Halloween party.

It’s an international series of remarkable fetish fantasy events that take place worldwide, attracting a diverse and beautiful crowd in luxurious locations uncommon to traditional fetish scenes.

These parties cultivate a sexually charged atmosphere that promotes freedom, open-mindedness, unity, and flights of imagination, all while adhering to a distinctive dress code.

Guests are encouraged to let their imaginations run wild, incorporating elements such as leather, metal, latex, boudoir fashion, PVC, cyberpunk aesthetics, or even male kimono in certain colours.

Supported by The Zoo Project, everyone is encouraged to release their inner animal and stay true to their unique selves.

This is an exclusive experience for a select few, where the boundaries of fantasy and reality blend into a journey of self-expression and connection.

Book your advance tickets online.

Spotify Playlist: Ibiza Halloween

To set the mood for these thrilling Halloween events, Eden Ibiza has curated the “Ibiza Halloween” playlist on Spotify.

With 31 spine-tingling songs that run for about 2 hours, this playlist will get you ready for the big Halloween parties in Ibiza.

Happy Halloween

Eden Ibiza is your ultimate destination for a spine-tingling Halloween experience.

As the club welcomes the winter season, it does so with a flourish, offering unforgettable nights filled with music, fantasy, and unmatched energy.

Join us for a season of winter wonder at Eden Ibiza and have a spooktacular Halloween!

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