BBC Radio 1 Dance Weekend

July 27, 2023

The Dance Music Journey of the Year: From BBC Radio 1 Dance Weekend at 528 to Defected at Eden Ibiza.

Defected at Eden this Friday WILL sell out – book your tickets online now.

Two Decades and Counting of the BBC Radio 1 Dance Weekend

Since 1995, BBC Radio 1 has been at the forefront of Ibiza’s vibrant dance music scene.

This year, the beloved UK radio station celebrates its 28th year in Ibiza, marking almost three decades of unforgettable music and parties that have become synonymous with Ibiza’s cultural identity.

The history of the BBC Radio 1 Dance Weekend is a testament to the evolution of dance music.

From the initial exploration of dance genres back in the mid-90s to today’s multifaceted musical landscape, the event has become an essential stop on the global dance music circuit.

Whether you’re a first-timer to the island or a seasoned Ibiza veteran, the BBC Radio 1 Dance Weekend encapsulates the very essence of Ibiza’s electrifying atmosphere.

This year, their daytime party takes place at the 528 venue, Benimussa Park, in San Antonio, Ibiza.

The event is set to deliver a melange of heart-thumping beats, captivating visuals, and an electric crowd — the perfect precursor to the night’s festivities.

The Magic Continues at Eden Ibiza

As the sun sets and the BBC Radio 1 event at 528 winds down, the closest superclub is Eden Ibiza.

This makes Eden Ibiza a popular choice for clubbers who are visiting the island for the BBC Radio 1 Dance weekend.

Opening its doors at the stroke of midnight, Eden continues the rhythm of the day with its legendary night, ‘Defected’.

Over the years, Defected at Eden has welcomed an array of top-tier talent, and this year is no different.

The lineup includes Low Steppa, M- High, Mike Dunn, Rio Tashan, and Todd Terry, who are all set to deliver sets that resonate with the heart of Ibiza.

Eden Ibiza: The Unofficial Afterparty Tradition

Eden Ibiza and Defected have evolved to become the unofficial afterparty of the BBC Radio 1 Dance Weekend.

This tradition grew organically, with dance music enthusiasts finding their way to Eden following the daytime events.

This year, free buses will conveniently run from 528 to the bus station in San Antonio, just a short 5-minute walk to Eden.

If you want a seamless transition from a daytime party with BBC Radio 1 to a late night celebration at Eden then make sure you buy your Defected tickets in advance because this night will sell out.

Eden and Defected have become an integral part of the dance music journey in Ibiza.

Secure Your Place in Dance Music History

As we prepare for this year’s festivities, we encourage you to secure your place in the rich tapestry of dance music history that is Defected at Eden.

With the event selling out each year, we strongly recommend booking your tickets in advance online.

This is your chance to experience dance music as it is meant to be — in the heart of Ibiza, surrounded by fellow music enthusiasts, and in a venue that has stood as a testament to the ever-evolving dance music scene.

If you’re a newcomer to Ibiza, a ticket to Defected at Eden is the passport to the authentic Ibiza experience.

In the history of the BBC Radio 1 Dance Weekend, Eden Ibiza holds a special place for 1000s of clubbers.

It’s not just about listening to the stories — it’s about becoming part of the narrative.

We invite you to join us on the dance floor, as we add another unforgettable chapter to Ibiza’s illustrious dance music legacy.

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