Electrifying Nights and Rides: NIU and Stoer Bikes Partnership

July 13, 2023

Eden Ibiza, your preferred haven of electrifying nightlife, unveils a thrilling evolution in our island experience. Partnering with global urban mobility game-changers, NIU and Stoer Bikes, we’re meshing the vibrancy of our beats with the adrenaline rush of innovative, eco-friendly rides. Eden Ibiza is not just about unforgettable nights, but unforgettable experiences, day and night.

The Exciting Collaborations

We’re over the moon to announce that Eden Ibiza is fusing the realm of pulsating music with the domain of cutting-edge urban mobility. We’ve joined hands with NIU, the world’s vanguard of smart urban mobility, and Stoer Bikes, the craftsman behind unique electric fat bikes. This collaboration is a manifestation of our shared passion to challenge conventions, bring extraordinary experiences to our community, and foster an enduring bond that transcends the conventional limits of clubbing.

Introducing NIU

NIU is not just another brand on the electric vehicle stage. It’s a global leader, a trailblazer transforming urban mobility with smart, green solutions. Since its inception, NIU has been committed to revolutionising the urban commute by creating a new breed of electric scooters that amalgamate top-notch design, innovative technology, and sustainable practices.

The Niu NQI GTS Scooter

In this exciting collaboration, NIU is enhancing the Eden Ibiza experience with a branded Niu NQI GTS scooter. A beacon of smart urban mobility, this scooter brings a whole new level of freedom to our beloved island. It’s not just a scooter, but a statement of style and environmental consciousness. With a top speed of 70 km/h, up to 100km of electric range, and smart features like app connectivity for diagnostics and anti-theft alerts, it’s a testament to NIU’s excellent engineering. Its unique design and silent operation let you glide through Ibiza’s streets with ease and elegance, ensuring the party vibes start long before you step foot in Eden. Stay tuned to discover more about how the Niu NQI GTS scooter can electrify your Eden Ibiza journey.

Unveiling Stoer Bikes

Stoer Bikes is no ordinary bike manufacturer. They are the architects of a bold, electric-powered lifestyle that screams individuality and the hunger for adventure. Living up to their powerful slogan, “Life is too short to drive boring bikes, experience the all-new STOER Ultimate!” Stoer Bikes craft machines that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

The Stoer Ultimate

Adding to our extraordinary collaboration, Stoer Bikes offers Eden Ibiza the robust and dynamic STOER Ultimate fat bike. This is not just any bike; it’s an electrifying lifestyle accessory. It boasts a robust 750W motor, a range of up to 60 miles on a single charge, and an ultra-durable frame designed to withstand the most challenging terrains. It empowers you to conquer every inch of Ibiza and arrive at Eden, not just in style, but with a story to tell. Brace yourselves as we share more about how the STOER Ultimate can revolutionize your Ibiza adventure.


“Riding the Niu NQI GTS Scooter is like surfing a silent wave across the island. Its responsive acceleration, coupled with its futuristic design, makes it the perfect way to soak up Ibiza’s scenic beauty. Just like Eden Ibiza, it’s about feeling the rush and moving to the rhythm,” shares Niall, our COO.

“The STOER Ultimate is an adrenaline injection on two wheels. Its raw power and unparalleled durability make it perfect for exploring the hidden treasures of Ibiza. It’s more than a ride; it’s an adventure that complements the thrill that Eden Ibiza brings every night,” echoes Tabita, Events and Promotions.

Rounding Up

This unique alliance among Eden Ibiza, NIU, and Stoer Bikes is not just about bringing together the worlds of ecstatic nightlife and innovative mobility solutions. It’s about creating a seamless blend of excitement, adrenaline, and thrill, shared from the winding roads of Ibiza to the pulsating dance floor of Eden. We invite you to experience the blend of awe-inspiring engineering and the world’s best music firsthand because in Ibiza, we promise the party starts well before the sun goes down.

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