Eden Ibiza

The Home of Ibiza Clubbing

Groundbreaking Nights In Ibiza

In the pulsating heart of San Antonio Bay, Eden Ibiza emerges as a colossus of the global electronic music scene, a cornerstone of Ibiza's electrifying nightlife. Since its inception in 1999 and a transformative refurbishment in 2013, Eden has etched its legacy into the very fabric of the island's history, becoming synonymous with groundbreaking nights, musical innovation, and an inclusive spirit that welcomes all.

Architects of Sound and Space

Eden Ibiza boasts an infrastructure designed to surpass the expectations of the most discerning clubbers. The venue is home to a sprawling main room and a smaller second room, equipped with its own entrance, ensuring a diverse clubbing experience. Central to its acclaim is the Incubus Gold by Void sound system, a testament to Eden's commitment to acoustic excellence, providing an unmatched auditory experience on the island. With facilities including dual DJ booths, multiple bars, a vast dance floor, and exclusive VIP areas, Eden Ibiza stands as a beacon of modern clubbing, crafted to cater to the high expectations of the global community of clubbers visiting Ibiza every year.

A Stage for the Best DJs In The World

Eden's roster features a constellation of music industry luminaries such as Pete Tong, Judge Jules, Disclosure, and many more, making it a pivotal platform in the global music scene. Yet, its vision extends beyond hosting icons; Eden is a nurturing ground for emerging talents, positioning itself as a catalyst for the future of music. The club's eclectic sound spectrum and commitment to innovation have established it as the premier destination for those in pursuit of discovering new sounds and the next generation of musical legends.

An Unmissable Ibiza Experience

Located in San Antonio, Eden Ibiza is the closest super club to Ibiza's legendary sunsets. Each evening, after the sun casts its final magical golden glow over the island, 1000’s of people transition to the electrifying dance floors of Eden. With over two decades of experience, Eden Ibiza has mastered the art of capturing this magical feeling and extending it late into the night to offer an unmatched clubbing experience. Eden Ibiza is the ultimate destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in the true spirit of Ibiza's nightlife.

Championing Innovation and Artist Rights

Leading the charge in the fusion of technology and music, Eden Ibiza has embraced its role as the world's premier data-driven club. The integration of Music Recognition Technology (MRT) marks a pivotal leap forward, ensuring artists are recognised and rewarded for their contributions. This initiative enhances the clubbing experience and heralds a new era of fairness and transparency in the music industry, solidifying Eden's commitment to supporting the creators who are the backbone of the electronic music landscape.

The Future of Music, Experienced Today

Eden Ibiza is not merely a venue; it is an institution dedicated to the evolution of music and club culture. As it looks towards another electrifying season, Eden invites music lovers and clubbers to be part of a movement that celebrates innovation, champions emerging talent, and sets new standards in the music and nightlife industry. At Eden, the future of music is not only heard; it's lived.

CoClubs located in the South of Colfax Nightlife District (SOCO) is a family owned group of nightclub venues in Denver which seeks to foster a vibrant community based around diversity, music, and dance. For over 20 years we have provided unforgettable experiences for our patrons of all ages, races, genders, and orientations in our unique spaces with cutting edge talent and production, exceptional hospitality, and pride in our local community.

We currently own and operate the The Church Nightclub, Club Vinyl, Bar Standard, and Milk Bar in Denver just south of Colfax, along Lincoln and Broadway.

Our central office is located next to The Church Nightclub at 1155 Sherman St.

Meet Our Team:

Regas – Owner

Maria – Owner

Uncle Chris – Owner

Veronica – Managing Director

Steve – Director of Design & Branding, Promoter

Brennen – Talent Buyer, Promoter

Dan – Booking Coordinator

Dante – Latin Promoter

Limey - GM of The Church Nightclub

Gary - GM of Club Vinyl

Brandon – GM of Bar Standard / Milk Bar

Adrienne - Private Events Manager

Hannah - Marketing Manager

We are committed to providing a safe environment at all CoClubs events and we are committed to respect of consent in all aspects.

Please review the following Do’s and Dont’s for attending a CoClubs event:


Do dance and enjoy yourself

Do make friends with new people

Do drink responsibly

Do tell our staff if you need assistance of any kind

Do travel safely


Don’t touch without consent

Don’t cause others to feel harassed, threatened or intimidated

Don’t consume illegal substances

Don’t display violence of any kind

Don’t ruin the party

If we determine that someone has violated our CoClubs Community Guidelines, we reserve the right to remove that individual from the event, exclude them from future events, and involve law enforcement authorities where necessary. This is a community of acceptance and good will. Please party with us safely, kindly, and responsibly!

The Church Nightclub, located in Denver’s Golden Triangle neighborhood, has served as a hub of the Denver nightlife scene since 1996. Completed in 1889, this former Episcopal church is now home to dance worshippers every Thursday, Friday & Saturday night. The high-beamed Gothic architecture & stained glass windows are accompanied by new state of the art lighting design and the top-rated Void Acoustics Incubus Sound system. This is Denver’s premium dance club experience that draws the best from international DJs and cutting edge talent weekly. Check out our upcoming events at The Church Nightclub here.

Hours: Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays – 9pm to 2am

18+ to enter // 21+ with valid photo ID to drink


Dubstep/Bass Music on the main floor presented by Global Dance


EDM on the main floor presented by Global Dance

HipHop/Trap in the Basement on the Function-One with LED video


Noches en la Catedral with salsa, bachata, reggaeton, cumbia & more…

in all 5 rooms and 2 patios!

Club Vinyl features four levels of dance floors with rotating styles of music featured on each floor. The rooftop indoor/outdoor patio is perfect for all seasons with heaters, fire pits, outdoor sound, and spectacular mountain and Denver city skyline views. Vinyl boasts a state-of-the-art Funktion-One sound system on the main floor with LED video design, multiple screens, and a large, open dance space. Each of the floors of Club Vinyl offers a multitude of options for your night out!

Check out our upcoming events at Club Vinyl here.

Hours: Thursday through Sunday – 9pm to 2am

18+ to enter // 21+ with valid photo ID to drink


Touring & local trance & progressive


4 floors of Latin dance music

HipHop/Top 40 Dance Mixes in the Main Room


MAIN FLOOR: TheHundred Presents top house, techno and underground dance producers & DJs on the Funktion-One Sound and integrated LED light system

In the BASSment: Amplitude Presents BASS OPS – underground dubstep

2nd Floor/Glass Lounge: Retro/80′s with DJ Danny

Rooftop: Top 40/Hip-Hop Dance with Dave Peacock


Service Industry Night in the basement with drink specials all night

& DJs spinning Goth/Alternative/Industrial.

Bar Standard is home to some of the most iconic weekly parties in Denver, and host to legendary DJs from all around the globe. Located in the historic Jonas Brothers Furs building off of Broadway, it boasts one of the best rooftop patios in the city, as well as an expansive main stage, VIP booth areas, and a side deck. Check out our upcoming events at Bar Standard here.

Hours: Wednesday through Saturday – 9pm to 2am


80s WEDNESDAYS: $5-$15 cover

80s on the Bar Standard main floor

STEAM THURSDAYS: $10-$25 cover

Underground House/Techno with small DJs to big underplays presented by The Hundred & Ian’s Pizza

FRIDAYS: $5-$15 cover

2-room party including the main floor & patio with rotating sub-promoter crews spinning House/Techno


Top 40/Hip Hop

Denver’s true underground club experience. Entrance located in the alleyway behind Bar Standard. Check out our upcoming events at Milk Bar here.

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday – 9pm-2am




DARK ROOM: DJ Slave 1 with Goth/Industrial, Rock

MILK ROOM: DJ Roland with Alternative/Retro/Synthwave

GREEN ROOM: Witch Haus with Mudwulf and Derik


DARK ROOM: The Underground with rotating Techno/Tech-House locals and national talent

MILK ROOM: Techno/Tech-House

FRIDAYS: $5 - $15 cover

1st Fridays

GREEN ROOM: Bassment with Dark Techno/Industrial Bass

DARK ROOM: Repent with Goth/Rock/Psychobilly and burlesque performers

2nd Fridays

GREEN ROOM: “POP-Sycle” with 80’s Pop/Fun/Dance

DARK ROOM: Throwback with 90’s Hip Hop LGBTQ night with DJ Mear

3rd Fridays

GREEN ROOM: DJs Mike Rick and Tina’s 90’s Cassette

DARK ROOM: Wake The Dead with Goth/Rock/Punk

4th Fridays

GREEN ROOM: Lituation with Dance/Alternative/Hip Hop/Indie

DARK ROOM: Milk & Cookies with Trap/Hip Hop/Culture Party

SATURDAYS: $5 - $15 cover


1st Saturdays: Industrial/Darkwave/Dark Indie

2nd Saturdays: Outrun – Synthwave with DJ Tower & Jay Eric

3rd Saturdays: Totenanz – DJ Bloodline with Goth/Industrial/Future Pop/Electro

4th Saturdays: Ascension – a dark club night with DJ ED Gain spinning Witch House

MILK ROOM: 80’s Alternative every Saturday

DARK ROOM: Goth/Industrial every Saturday

1134 Broadway Text goes here ... located in the South of Colfax Nightlife District (SOCO) is a family owned group of nightclub venues in Denver which seeks to foster a vibrant community based around diversity, music, and dance. For over 20 years we have provided unforgettable experiences for our patrons of all ages, races, genders, and orientations in our unique spaces with cutting edge talent and production, exceptional hospitality, and pride in our local community.

The neighborhood