LOOK INSIDE: Eden Ibiza Walkthrough with DJ Vicky Devine

May 17, 2023

Take a fascinating journey through the renowned Eden Ibiza club as DJ Vicky Devine provides a walkthrough of its transformation over the years.

Discover the changes in its exterior and interior, witness the evolution of the DJ booth, and experience the vibrant atmosphere that has captivated clubbers for decades.

Join Vicky Devine as she prepares to return as a resident DJ, reliving memories and creating new ones at the legendary One More Time event.

Video Transcription

I’ve traversed this road countless times, more than you can imagine. My journey at this extraordinary venue began back in 2001.

Over the years, the external appearance of Eden has undergone significant changes.

I’ve witnessed its complete whiteness, a golden dome atop, shades of blue, and now its distinct black and white aesthetics with the new logo.

Let’s step inside and explore the various areas that have transformed throughout the years.

Every time I pass through these doors, I can’t help but reminisce. This place holds an abundance of memories, countless memories.

Interestingly, my first visit to Eden was as a clubber, dancing on this very dance floor.

For around four years, I dedicated myself to providing CDs for the DJs who hosted those nights back then.

The DJ booth used to be located around this area, constructed entirely from the original Ibu Senken stone.

The club’s walls also featured this stone, encapsulating the essence of a typical Spanish club.

In later years, they relocated the DJ booth to the opposite end of the club.

If I recall correctly, my initial performances took place in the old DJ booth over there.

Subsequently, a new booth was constructed on the stage.

Initially elevated, the DJ booth later moved to this level, which now serves as a bar at this end.

It was right here, and in recent times, they’ve placed everything beneath the club.


This is the entrance to the DJ booth, where the magic happens.

Usually, you would find DJ equipment here, but at the moment, it’s empty.

Nevertheless, this is the heart of it all.


The charm of a club like Eden lies in its two levels.

The downstairs area can be packed to the brim, while the upper floor hosts VIP sections and other attractions.

Yet, the atmosphere remains consistent throughout.

I vividly remember when both levels used to be filled with enthusiastic clubbers, just as it was downstairs.

Everything is gearing up for the upcoming summer, and I’m excited to return as a resident DJ for one more time.

I must admit, I couldn’t be prouder to be part of this team.

I’ve known Nick and Dexter for an extensive period, but this marks my first residency since the days of Judgement Sundays.

One more time is all about reliving cherished memories, and every time I step foot into this club, I’m confident that new memories will be made.

This place used to come alive like no other.

Playing trance music in a club like this was a dream come true for me.

While Eden hosts various music genres, having the opportunity to share my passion for trance was unparalleled.

I remember expressing in an interview, which I believe dates back to 2008 and is captured on video, that when this place ignites, it truly ignites.

It’s quite emotional for me, to be honest.

Joining me at this momentous event are several legendary DJs, including the likes of Dave Pearce and the mighty Paul Oakenfield, who coincidentally will be performing on my 50th birthday.

I’m not sure if I should mention that, but yes Tall Paul, Joe Mills, along with many renowned residents from the island and notable names from times gone by, will also be gracing the stage.

Together, we aim to recreate the incredible vibe that makes this club truly extraordinary.


One More Time at Eden Ibiza

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Vicky Devine in action, unleashing an incredible set that will ignite the dance floor.

Join 1000s of clubbers at Eden Ibiza and be a part of the legacy, as we celebrate the past, embrace the present, and pave the way for an extraordinary future.

Step inside Eden Ibiza and be part of the magic. See Vicky Devine in action at One More Time.

Are you ready to create new memories that will last a lifetime.

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