24 Weeks of Clubbing – Eden Ibiza

October 3, 2023

A poem to celebrate the 340+ incredible artists who performed at the home of Ibiza clubbing in 2023.

The Gathering

In the heart of Ibiza, where dreams intertwine,

999999999 began a rhythm, a celestial sign.

A LITTLE SOUND murmured, beckoning the crew,

ABBEY LOUISE danced, and ALARCON’s music grew.

ALCEMIST painted the skies, blending day with night,

With ALESSANDRA RONCONE’s symphony, pure and bright.

ALEX ELLENGER teamed with ALEX MILLS, setting the stage,

For ALEX MORPH’s dreamscapes, bursting from their cage.

Dance of the Stars

ALISHA’s laughter sparkled, as ALY & FILA played,

AMINE EDGE & DANCE brought rhythms that swayed.

With AMOS and ANA BÀ, the party had begun,

ANAÏS and ANDY C spun melodies, second to none.

ANDY MANSTON and ANGEL floated, light on their feet,

ARIELLE FREE’s voice rang out, wonderfully sweet.

ARMEL BIZZMAN and ARMIZY orchestrated a serenade,

While AXIS OF IRIS with AZYR, a dance mosaic made.

The Night’s Crescendo

B YOUNG and BADBOOMBOX ramped up the bass,

BANKSIE teamed with BECKY HILL, quickening the pace.

BELTERS ONLY, with BEN GOLD, surged ahead full throttle,

While BEN RAU and BILLIE CLEMENTS shared a musical bottle.

BLACK TRAFFIC’s beats with BLK. created a mighty roar,

BONGO BEN and BOY NORTH had the crowd begging for more.

BOYS NOIZE played with BRYAN KEARNEY, a harmony profound,

As CARL BEE and CARLOS WESLEY’s beats echoed all around.

Echoes of Dawn

CATZ ‘N DOGZ meowed and barked, in symphonic delight,

CESAR SANCHEZ with CHANGED FACES, made the moonlight bright.

CHARLIE SPARKS and CHARLIE TEE, in rhythm did confide,

CHASE & STATUS and CHICKEN brought a musical tide.

CHICKS LUV US with CHILDSPLAY, created a playful spree,

CHRIS BAYNE, CHRIS BEKKER, and CHRIS CARLYLE were the symphony’s key.

CINTHIE and CIRCO MYSTICO, with CK3, danced by the bay,

CROSSY, DALE CASTELL, and DAMON HESS welcomed the day.

Sunlit Reverie

DANIELE FRATE played alongside DANNY BECK, a duet so true,


DAYL and DBN GOGO, to the sun, did defer,

DEAN ELSO and DELTA HEAVY’s music made the air stir.

DERRICK C with DERMOT C, weaved a dance so pure,

DETLEF and DIMENSION’s sounds were the allure.

DOORLY and DUNMORE BROTHERS’ beats touched every soul,

With DUPEX and DYEN, the party was whole.

Twilight’s Melody

EATS EVERYTHING and ELLIE COCKS, under stars, did play,

FABY FOSTER and FELIX DA FUNK heralded the Milky Way.

FERRECK DAWN’s rhythm met FERRY CORSTEN’s trance,

FIONN CURRAN and FLAVA D took every heart to dance.

FRAZI.ER’s beats with FRICTION caused a rapturous cheer,

FUENKA and FUNK TRIBU whispered secrets in the atmosphere.

GABRY FASANO and GALLUXY, with GARDNA, set the night ablaze,

GEORGE DAVIS’ melodies ended the musical maze.

Midnight Dreams

Under the moon’s soft glow, GEORGE SMEDDLES took the stand,

GODDARD’s vibe with GRAHAM GOLD, felt across the land.

GRAHAM SAHARA’s desert beats met GRAY’s stormy trance,

GROOVE ARMADA sailed along, inviting all to dance.

GUTI played a haunting tune, with GW HARRISON in tow,

HANNAH LAING, HANNAH WANTS, their magic began to show.

HANNES BRUNCIC blended notes, while HARRIET JAXXON spun,

HARRY ROMERO’s fervent beats made everyone come undone.

Echoes of the Sea

HAYLEY WALLACE’s songs mirrored the ocean’s lore,

HAZE and HODGES, with HYBRID MINDS, sounds they did pour.

IOSIS (712) wove mysteries, J.C whispered the past,

JACK BULLOCK and JAKE TARRY, their energies vast.

JASON BYE, with JASON CLUFF, under the starry dome,

JAVI BORA and JAZZY made Ibiza their home.

JENN GETZ & ALFIE’S tunes, and JESS BAYS, they made spirits soar,

While JESSI URIBE, with JEZZA & JOD, danced on the shore.

Island’s Whisper

JO MILLS’ beats blended with JOE WILSON’s serene track,

JOHN 00 FLEMING’s trance, with JOHN DANCE, had no lack.

JOHN MARSHALL’s harmonies met JOHN O CALLAGHAN’s trance vibes,

JONATHAN ULYSSES’ tales, with JONNY BURN, shared life scribes.

JORDAN SUCKLEY’s energetic beats met JOSEPH EDMUND’s groove,

JUANITO CHANCLAS’ rhythm made the entire island move.

K MOTIONZ and K-KLASS revealed their music lore,

While KACI LEA LYNCH and KANINE opened a new door.

The Sun’s First Light

As the horizon painted colors, KARA and KATIE WILSON took their place,

KENNY BENSON and KEZZ, with their beats, embraced.

KHANDA COOL and KOLONIE, under the dawn’s new ray,

KOLOUR KREW and KOVEN, welcomed the day.

LADY ELIZA’s soft tunes met LALA’s dreamy trance,

LATE REPLIES, with LATIGA, invited all to dance.

LE GREEN’s eco-beats resonated with LEE FOSS’s flair,

LEFTWING : KODY’s track, with LENS, filled the morning air.

Morning’s Embrace

LEWIS BONES’ sturdy beats met LEXLAY’s dance floor quest,

LOVELY LAURA & BEN SANTIAGO, among the best, stood the test.

LOW STEPPA and LP GOBBI, with the sunrise, did align,

LUELLA’s voice with LUKAZ MAC, pure and divine.

M-HIGH’s altitude met MAC’s grounding force,

With MAJESTIC and MAKO, the day set its course.

MALVEE’s melodies, with MAMA TASTY, tasted so sweet,

MAMBO BROTHERS, with MANU GONZALEZ, made the morning complete.

Midday Mirage

MAR MER and MARC LEAF shimmered in midday heat,

MARC VAN LINDEN’s tracks with MARIANO’s, a treat.

MARIANO & WEATHERMAN, rain or shine, played on,

MARK BIRCH and MARK KNIGHT, their legacy well drawn.

MARK ROBINSON’s echoing beats blended with MASON COLLECTIVE’s sound,

MASON MAYNARD’s tech-houses, the best around.

MATONII and MATT NOLAND, under the blazing sun,

MATT SAX and MATTHEW CLARCK, their sets had begun.

Midday’s Oasis

MAUR’s beats flowed like a refreshing spring,

MAURO PICOTTO’s trance tunes made the heart sing.

MAV666’s sounds, with MAX CHAPMAN, caused a stir,

MAX DEAN’s grooves, with MC PSM KALASH, a musical blur.

MELE’s carnival of rhythms, MÈTARAPH’s poetic trance,

MIKE DUNN’s soulful grooves made the clubbers dance.

MISTRESS ICE, so cool and composed, played twice the delight,

MJ SAX’s tunes, with MOLLY MORGAN, felt just right.

Afternoon’s Enigma

MONIQUE’s melodies were as mysterious as the afternoon shade,

MONKI’s energetic sets made sure the vibe never did fade.

MORGAN KASIERA’s beats, with MORGUNZ’s tracks, resounded loud,

MOZEY’s rhythms, with MULTUNES, drew quite the crowd.

MUSICIANS from all over, joined NATHAN X’s flow,

NATTY LOU’s funky beats, with NEEVALD, stole the show.

NELSON REIS and NIKKI LOVE, twice the beats, twice the fun,

NOIZU’s modern mixes made sure the party was never done.

Dusk’s Descent

OC & VERDE painted the skies with their atmospheric sound,

ODEN & FATZO, with OFFAIAH, turned the vibe around.

OFFBEAT’s quirky tunes, blended with OISIN OK’s style,

OPPIDAN’s mysteries, with OZAI, made everyone smile.

PAIGE TOMLINSON and PARFAIT, the perfect pairing of dusk,

PAUL OAKENFOLD’s classics, with PAUL THOMAS, robust.

PAUL VAN DYK’s trance aura, PBH & JACK’s modern spree,

PERRY MARTI and PERRY MARTIN, dusk’s musical decree.

Starlit Symphony

Under the stars, PHANTE’s beats glow, casting a soft gleam,

PIKABOY and PIQUE, painted a nocturnal dream.

POLA & BRYSON’s liquid gold, flowed through the night,

PRODUCT OF US’s fusion, sparkled in starlight.

PRUNK’s bass-heavy rhythms, echoed with REBOOT DJS’ beats,

REFF’s electronic expanse, with RICCARDO FERRI, was elite.

RICHY AHMED’s dynamic range, RICKY LE ROY’s vibrant score,

RIDNEY’s smooth transitions, the crowd begged for more.

Moonlit Memories

RIO TASHAN and RIOT NIGHT danced under the moon’s beam,

RIVA STARR’s starry mixes, ROB TISSERA’s dreamy theme.

ROUTE 94’s journey, took the clubbers to a distant shore,

RUBY, RUBY LAUREN – twice, their tunes the crowd adore.

RYAN MCDERMOTT’s evocative sounds, SAIGON’s eastern flair,

SAM DIVINE’s divine mixes, with SAM SAX, filled the air.

SAM ZER’s playful tones, SANSIXTO’s Latin beats so grand,

SAYA’s melodies, with SCOTT GILES, the finest in the land.

Cosmic Cascade

SCOTTY CAL’s interstellar beats, with SEAN & DEE’s cosmic play,

SEAN HUGHES’s moonlit tunes, SEAN TYAS’s Milky Way.

SEB FONTAINE’s galaxy of grooves, with SECONDCITY’s urban sprawl,

SERGIO GALLEGOS’s vast vistas, with SERUM, enthralled all.

SESTELO’s starry notes, SG LEWIS’s astral projections bright,

SHADES OF RHYTHM’s timeless classics, SHERMANOLOGY’s pure light.

SHIBARI DUO’s binding rhythms, with SHITAKE’s fun-filled tunes,

SHONA BROPHY, once and twice with FOLZ, their melodies did swoon.

Dawn’s Embrace

As the sun rose, SICK TRUMPET’s sound heralded the dawn,

SIREN’s enchanting melodies, with SKEPSIS, carried on.

SOLAH & EMMA B’s harmonies, greeted the first light,

SORLEY’s dawning tunes, with SOVAX, took flight.

STATURE’s towering beats, with STEE VIBZ’s uplifting song,

STEFANO NOFERINI’s sunrise set, with STEPHAN KIRKWOOD, strong.

STEVE LAWLER’s dawn patrol, STONE VAN BROOKEN’s gleaming mix,

STONEFACE & TERMINAL’s voyage, as the sun its course did fix.

Glorious Mornings

With the morn at its peak, SUB FOCUS sharpened the day,

T-LEX’s lexicon of beats, made everyone sway.

THE FIRM’s foundation shook, as they took the stage,

THE MURPHY BROTHERS’ duet, was the morning’s rage.

THORNBALLIN’s spiky sounds, set the floor ablaze,

TODD EDWARDS’ classic house, left everyone in a daze.

TODD TERRY’s terrace anthems, under the sun did boom,

TOMMY’s melodic tales, made the morning bloom.

Noon’s Narrative

TONY FIMIA, with his sunlit grooves, led the afternoon’s start,

TRISTAN INGRAM’s uplifting tracks, lightened every heart.

TURNO’s turntable magic, with UTAH SAINTS’ iconic beats,

Brought a dance fever, moving all feet.

VIBE CHEMISTRY’s concoctions, had everyone in motion,

VICKY DEVINE’s divine touch, was pure dance potion.

VIOLET HEART’s radiant tunes, with VITA’s vibrant play,

VIVIANA CASANOVA’s love stories, brightened up the day.

Sunset Serenades

As evening approached, VOLTAGE charged the setting sun,

WAFF’s deep tech-house, said the night had begun.

WAZE, with his navigation, led the party way,

WEATHERMAN & MARIANO, forecasted a groovy display.

WEEKEND HEROES’ anthemic vibes, soared high and above,

WHORISKEY’s rich blends, were what clubbers did love.

WILKINSON’s drum and bass, with WILL TAYLOR’s beat attack,

Had WILL WILEY and WOODYR8, taking the dancefloor back.

Midnight Mysteries

As midnight approached, WUCHI’s mystical sounds arose,

WYNTER BLACK’s dark grooves, around the club did enclose.

YASMIN GARDEZI’s eastern touch, YOUSEF’s world beats that roll,

With YOYCE SANCHEZ’s flair, they touched every soul.

In this dance haven called Eden, under Ibiza’s sky so wide,

The world’s finest DJs played, with pride side by side.

From dusk till dawn, their music did reign,

In the heart of Ibiza, in joy and refrain.

The Final Track

With the tale now complete, and every DJ’s name sung,

Here’s to the magical nights, and the melodies that were flung!

Thank you for being part of the best year in the history of Eden Ibiza.

We look forward to welcoming you home in 2024.

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