Eden Ibiza Takes a Leap Forward with Cutting-Edge Music Identification Technology

May 31, 2023

Eden is the first Ibiza club to harness the power of DJ Monitor and Pioneer DJ’s KUVO music identification technologies.

This innovative move allows Eden Ibiza to create captivating club play charts and unlock invaluable music insights to elevate the experience for clubbers.

As a venue fuelled by innovation, music data holds a pivotal role in various aspects of Eden Ibiza’s operations.

That’s precisely why we’ve chosen to join forces with DJ Monitor, a reputable Amsterdam-based company established in 2005.

Renowned as the leading provider of Music Recognition Technology for clubs and festivals, DJ Monitor empowers us to curate remarkable playlists.

Implemented seamlessly and discreetly in the background, this cutting-edge technology poses no inconvenience to our talented DJs or dedicated venue team.

Rest assured, no playlists are publicly disclosed, and no specific track-DJ details are captured.

Improving Your Clubbing Experience

The treasure trove of music data insights extends its benefits to multiple members of the Eden Ibiza team.

Our events programmer gains the ability to spot emerging labels, artists, and tracks that are surging in popularity, opening doors to potential future collaborations.

This means that we will be positioned to book exciting acts for the Ibiza 2024 season before other clubs on the island.

Additionally, we plan to share music charts derived from this data with you, our beloved clubbers.

You will now be able to enjoy music from your favourite club across social media and other channels.

DJ Monitor

DJ Monitor’s Music Recognition Technology has already made significant strides in various territories, including the Netherlands, UK, France, Belgium, Finland, and Australia.

Its implementation ensures fair compensation for the creators of the played music, fostering a thriving music ecosystem that supports both budding and established artists in crafting the new sonic landscapes essential for an unforgettable club experience.

Pioneer DJ

AlphaTheta Corporation, the unrivalled leader in DJ equipment and software design and production through their renowned Pioneer DJ brand, has recently made a strategic investment in DJ Monitor.

This collaboration aligns seamlessly with their ongoing endeavour to revitalise the KUVO service.

By merging these groundbreaking technologies, our shared goal is to create the most reliable, accurate, and robust solution for identifying music played in venues and electronic music festivals alike.

Leading The Way

As the trendsetters of the island, Eden Ibiza proudly stands as the inaugural club in Ibiza to embrace this transformative technology.

We are thrilled to collaborate closely with DJ Monitor, providing valuable feedback to customise the generated music insights according to our unique needs.

With this remarkable partnership, we aim to solidify our position as the frontrunner among Ibiza’s clubs, always committed to delivering an unmatched experience to our cherished clubbers.

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