A Refreshing Uprise in the Urban Music Scene

August 3, 2023

As Eden Ibiza reaches the midpoint of a thrilling summer season, Mon Cheri has proven itself to be a rising star in the island’s bustling nightlife.

The event, held every Saturday, brings a fresh new flavour with its unique blend of urban music. It has won over thousands of club-goers, significantly contributing to the vibrant ambience at Eden.

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Eden Ibiza: A Home for Niche Music Genres

Known for its daring approach to the music scene, Eden Ibiza has always prided itself on being different, highlighting niche musical genres and providing a platform for passionate promoters and brands.

Amidst the thumping beats of techno and house that typically rule Ibiza’s nightlife, Eden stands as a unique haven for those craving a different tune.

In an interview with the Mon Cheri team, including co-founders Ben and Gaetan Shamashang, and Flex FM’s presenter Andrea Martinez, they delved into what makes this particular event stand out.

Mon Cheri: A Breath of Fresh Air

The uniqueness of Mon Cheri lies not only in the music but also in the atmosphere it fosters.

In contrast to the typical clubbing scene where attendees don rave gear, Mon Cheri nights are occasions for guests to dress up, embodying a sense of elegance that aligns with the event’s ‘smart and sexy’ ethos.

The nights invite attendees to immerse themselves in an upscale yet energetic vibe, creating an evening that’s as much about personal expression as it is about the music.

Despite being an underdog in the island’s clubbing scene, Mon Cheri has already begun to shift perspectives on the island and put urban music into the spotlight.

In the face of challenges and competing against established genres, Mon Cheri has carved out a place for itself, an achievement made possible by its unwavering dedication to their vision and the quality of the experience they deliver.

A Mid-Season Triumph

Halfway through the season, the Mon Cheri team, true to their vision, has already attracted thousands of clubbers to Eden, proving that urban music indeed has a substantial audience in Ibiza.

It’s a refreshing blend of various international and local DJs that has helped Mon Cheri reach this point of success.

The urban music night not only features a wide range of music styles but also has a global appeal, inviting everyone to come, dance, and celebrate.

The Immersive Experience: More than Just Music

Creating more than just a musical event, Mon Cheri offers an immersive, sensory spectacle.

From the stunning venue aesthetics to the captivating performances of talented dancers, every element adds to the extraordinary experience.

The meticulously planned event leaves no stone unturned in providing an unforgettable night for its attendees.

The Future: A Vision Coming to Life

In its quest to redefine the Ibiza music scene, Mon Cheri has ambitious plans for the future.

It aims to attract global icons of the hip-hop culture, not only to perform but also to simply enjoy the vibe and potentially host an event.

The team firmly believes that with time and continued effort, they can bring about a cultural shift, adding a fresh layer to Ibiza’s multifaceted music scene.

As Mon Cheri continues to gather momentum, upcoming nights look set to sell out, offering more exhilarating urban music experiences.

This journey that Mon Cheri has embarked on with Eden Ibiza illustrates that with passion, dedication, and a daring approach, it is possible to change perspectives and establish a unique presence in a highly competitive arena.

Discover the Journey: Watch the Full Interview

For an in-depth understanding of Mon Cheri’s story and vision, we invite you to scroll back to the top of this page and watch the full interview with its co-founders, Ben and Gaetan Shamashang, led by Flex FM’s presenter, Andrea Martinez.

The interview provides insights into the creation of a brand that’s now reshaping Ibiza’s clubbing scene.

You’ll learn about the effort, passion, and time invested in making Mon Cheri a memorable name on the island, and their mission to diversify Ibiza’s musical landscape.

Experience the real story behind Mon Cheri’s remarkable journey, and see how they are creating a lasting legacy.

Don’t miss the chance to understand why this brand is the talk of the town this summer season.


Mon Cheri’s impressive success halfway through the summer season is a testament to its winning combination of urban music, immersive experiences, and the ambitious future plans.

Eden Ibiza is proud to host this unique event that contributes to the diversity and vibrancy of the Ibiza music scene.

We extend a warm invitation to all, inviting you to become part of this extraordinary journey and witness firsthand the refreshing impact Mon Cheri is making in the island’s nightlife.

Book your tickets and be part of the story that’s only just beginning to unfold.

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